Air Force TSgt SSgt Chevron Shadow Box

 Inside Display Dimensions

  • The AF TSgt Chevron Shadow Box is constructed from solid 3/4" and 1" hardwoods,  precise fit wood corners/miters are glued without force or clamps. 
  • The AF TSgt Chevron Shadow Box is hand and machine sanded--no scratches, sanding marks, or planner ridges are left to distract from the finish.
  • The AF TSgt Chevron Shadow Box has a  hand rubbed stain and a rich satin lacquer finish for a durable and maintenance free lifetime finish.
  • The AF TSgt Chevron Shadow Box has double strength (2.5mm) frame quality glass installed for local pick up orders. No glass is installed or included with mail orders and $15 is deducted. Instructions on how to cut/snap and install glass is included with each mail order. 
  • The backing is 1/8 tempered hardboard and is screwed in place with phillips head #4 flat head screws for easy and fast access.  See backing color options below.
  • Heavy Duty braided wire, heavy duty picture hangers, and bumper pads are installed.
Available Woods and Stains:
  • Red Oak -- Natural, Light (golden/yellow), Medium (light brown), Dark (dark brown), Red
  • Black Walnut -- Natural (no stain applied)
  • Cherry -- Natural (no stain applied), Dark (slightly red)
Display Surface/Backing Colors:  high quality synthetic velvet/velour is permanently bonded to 1/8 tempered hardboard.
  • Blue
  • Black


SSgt TSgt Chevron Shadow Box Prices    (packaging, postage, and insurance are additional)
  • E5 - $155
  • E6 - $165


    Price Adjustments:
    Add $35 for cherry and $25 for walnut wood.

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